COVID-19 Information

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What if you think you have a respiratory illness?

  • If you are sick and are experiencing a fever or respiratory sysmptoms, call ahead to 406.222.3541 for instructions.

  • If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 9-1-1.

Be Informed

We've received many questions about when the public can expect to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Click here to read a press release from Park County Health Department. It carefully defines the phases of vaccine distribution, with anticipated dates, as outlined by the State of Montana. Livingston HealthCare will continue to collaborate with the Park County Health Department to ensure that everyone who wishes to be vaccinated is able to do so as quickly and safely as possible.

Montana Response: COVID-19 - Coronavirus - Global, National, and State Information Resources

Click here for the CDC recommendations.

Click here for Park County local news and reccomendations.

Read the latest letter from Dr. Coleman regarding our current crisis by clicking here. Dr. Coleman is a Board Certified Family Medicine physician who practices family medicine and obstetrics at Livingston HealthCare. He was selected to fill the role of Medical Director for Livingston HealthCare in October of 2013, at which time he joined the Livingston HealthCare Board of Directors. Click here to learn more about Dr. Coleman.

Dr. Coleman's letter to the community March 25, 2020.

Give Back

Please support Livingston HealthCare Foundation's Response to COVID-19

The Emergency Response Fund was established to support LHC's immediate response to devastating events like the fast-moving global spread of COVID-19. Your gift will be used to address the needs of patients and caregivers impacted by COVID-19, and to support emerging areas of greatest need.


United We Stand. Together We Care.

It’s hard to believe that today is June 1, which marks the beginning of Phase II reopening. We’ve been through a lot together, Park County. Please take a moment to enjoy this video. We created it as a tribute to the many ways in which our community has adapted, overcome and risen to the challenge of a global pandemic—together. Let’s keep moving forward supporting one another, one day at a time!

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Are current events making you feel stressed and anxious? Livingston HealthCare’s behavioral health team is still seeing patients and can help provide you with additional support during this challenging time. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 406.222.3541.

Wondering what to do with your time at home right now? Livingston HealthCare’s Dr. Hannah Dupea created this list of Boredom Busters to share with you. Dr. Dupea has played an integral role in running LHC’s Rapid Clinic, where we’ve been testing community members for COVID-19.

Need some healthy recipes and food ideas when you can't leave your home? Click here for off the shelf recipes provided by Chelsey Clark, Registered Dietitian at Livingston HealthCare.

Missed a video that we posted on our social media? Check out our YouTube page to view all community updates, book readings, and much more.

Looking for resources while at home with your kids? Paula Coleman, our pediatric nurse practitioner, has advice to parents in the community along with helpful resources you can use while staying at home. "In the last couple weeks, all you mom’s and dad’s have been probably been getting pretty creative. You are most likely cooking more often (and digging deeper in Grandma’s recipe box). You are playing more games and reading more books. Many of you are learning what it is like to homeschool. Some of you are learning to be IT support for online classrooms, and you all are figuring out how to counsel and support your child through the confusing changes brought about by a global pandemic. You are doing amazing work!"

LHC's KidsCare Phone – 406.222.3541, Call for your after-hours emergency questions - American Academy of Pediatric’s website for parents. Has great information about COVID-19 for parents as well as all the latest information from pediatric experts on behavioral problems and well-child information. - Excellent resource for symptom and illness information, parenting strategies, child development information, and even teaching materials about the human body.

Interested in what some of the common terms we are hearing really mean? We asked Dr. Scott Coleman for clarification:
Quarantine: "Quarantine means isolating completely from the community and from others not in your immediate household. While quarantined, you should not go into the community to the store or for any other reason. We need your case of Covid-19 to end with you! If each positive case or exposed family does not pass on the disease, we can begin to end this pandemic. Ask friends outside the household to deliver by leaving on porch or front steps any critical items or food needed. You must remain in quarantine for fourteen days without anyone in your household developing illness. If no one in your household becomes ill, then please practice social distancing. If you or anyone in your household has been tested for Covid-19, you must quarantine until the results are known. If the results of your test or any household member’s test are positive for Covid-19, you and EVERY member of your household must quarantine until everyone in the household has recovered (are symptom free). Remember, the overwhelming number of people who get this disease recover without medical care. Tylenol or acetaminophen for fever or aches, good hydration and nutrition, and lots of sleep help with recovery. Call the hospital and talk with our nurses at the hotline if you have any questions or are concerned about yourself or any member of your household.”
Social Distancing: "This should be done by us all right now. This is to KEEP others from spreading the infection to us. Go to the store or community only for necessities. Keep a 6 foot distance from others while in the community. Consider all surfaces touched contaminated (gas pumps, check out counters, door handles, shopping carts, bank ATM canisters). Bring your items in to your home, wash hands thoroughly (20 seconds with lots soap and water), unpack and put away your items, and wash hands again. Do not allow any member of your household to ride in cars or be indoors with members of another household (this means our kids!) Taking long walks outside with dogs or friends is ok as long as these other rules are followed. We can protect Park County, our families, friends, and more vulnerable people if we follow these recommendations strictly.”