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“Left a little piece of me in Livingston, MT”

We were driving to Livingston, MT from WI to stay for a few days. Over the three-day trip here with our RV, my appendix ruptured. I was in severe pain for three days before I went to UrgentCare and was then referred to the hospital. Everyone was so friendly, knowledgeable, and great at their jobs and took great care of me! I had surgery the day I went to ED and was released on Wednesday. Dr Roberts and Dr Reid were phenomenal and caring. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! From ED to the Med/Surg unit—I am so thankful for all these compassionate healthcare workers!! Thank you Livingston HealthCare!!

/ Crestview, FL
Outstanding emergency care

Dr Guercio treated me in the ER for a very painful leg injury. He is knowledgeable, compassionate, and professional. He explained his diagnostic and treatment plans in detail, listened to what I had to say and thoroughly answered all of my questions. His treatment alleviated my pain and put me on the path to rapid recovery.

/ Gardiner, MT
Extremely friendly and helpful

I would just like to give a huge thanks to Janet Ethridge for the friendly help I received while trying to figure out how I'm going to pay for needed surgery. She made me feel relaxed and she made me feel like she genuinely cared about helping me which meant alot. Thank you for the help in applying for the different programs that could potentially help me afford surgery

/ Livingston, MT
Exceptional OT

Our son sees Diedre Lee and we are very impressed by the way she encourages and challenges him. Diedre works well with kids and is an expert in finding how they're motivated best. She uses a wide variety of activities, exercises, and challenges and we are so grateful for her support. Highly, highly recommending the OT department at LHC and Diedre Lee!

/ Livingston, MT
The care was capable and compassionate. I think they saved my life.

I came in very sick and weak from problems associated with altitude and general weakness in parts of my body. The staff was incredible. The care was wonderful. My follow-up caregivers here in Pennsylvania have each commented on the detailed reports sent and the care I was given. Thank you.

/ Monongahela, PA
I felt so well-supported by his knowledge, kindness, and professionalism!

I'm writing to pay deep compliment to the radiology/MRI technician, Greg, who assisted me. He was outstanding and exemplary of all that one would want from a healthcare provider. My situation is unique: I injured an ankle, I am pregnant, and also suffering from hyperemesis. Greg addressed each of these issues with me individually and collectively, ensuring that I was both safe and comfortable throughout the MRI. He provided me with an extremely helpful amount of information, willing and eager to dialogue and answer my questions. I felt so well-supported by his knowledge, kindness, and professionalism that I couldn't let it pass by without comment. Livingston HealthCare should be proud to have him!

/ Livingston, MT
All the doctors and nurses have been wonderful during our stay...

All the doctors and nurses have been wonderful during our stay at Livingston HealthCare. We are very proud to have them apart of our new journey with our new baby boy!

/ Livingston,
Dr. Stevenson did an amazing job...

Dr. Stevenson did an amazing job with the delivery. The nurses were great and so was the anesthesiologist. I'm extremely happy with our experience with the birthing center.

/ Livingston,

We have been visiting the next town over for years but my wife has been continuously talking about how great the OB/GYN department has been with Dr. Helin. We don't just choose a doctor based on location but Dr. Helin has made it easy to continue staying in Livingston.

/ Livingston, MT
. . . rivals anything we’ve experienced with top specialists in huge metropolitan areas.

We moved to Livingston, MT one day after we finalized our son's adoption in 2011. When Levi was placed in our care in 2007 it was immediately evident that he had significant medical needs, in addition to mental health challenges related to neglect and abuse. His path to diagnosis and treatment has been long and complicated and is still ongoing. His needs are very complex and span across multiple specialties. Moving to a rural community with limited specialty care was a concern, but living in an amazing small community has been worth it. Dr. DiCross has made managing his care so much easier. Her ability to listen and work with us within his complex emotional and physical needs is truly amazing. She has the most gentle spirit and her love of kids is openly visible in everything she does. The care he receives from Dr. DiCross rivals anything we’ve experienced with top specialists in huge metropolitan areas. She hears my mom heart and respectfully addresses his needs and my concerns as if he were her own child. Levi works with multiple specialists in Montana and will soon be traveling to Denver for a higher level of specialty care. It’s a relief to know he has a primary care pediatrician that stays on top of his complex care and is there for us right in our small community when we need her. Livingston is blessed to have Dr. DiCross!!!

/ Livingston, MT
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