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All the doctors and nurses have been wonderful during our stay...

All the doctors and nurses have been wonderful during our stay at Livingston HealthCare. We are very proud to have them apart of our new journey with our new baby boy!

/ Livingston,
Dr. Stevenson did an amazing job...

Dr. Stevenson did an amazing job with the delivery. The nurses were great and so was the anesthesiologist. I'm extremely happy with our experience with the birthing center.

/ Livingston,

We have been visiting the next town over for years but my wife has been continuously talking about how great the OB/GYN department has been with Dr. Helin. We don't just choose a doctor based on location but Dr. Helin has made it easy to continue staying in Livingston.

/ Livingston, MT
. . . rivals anything we’ve experienced with top specialists in huge metropolitan areas.

We moved to Livingston, MT one day after we finalized our son's adoption in 2011. When Levi was placed in our care in 2007 it was immediately evident that he had significant medical needs, in addition to mental health challenges related to neglect and abuse. His path to diagnosis and treatment has been long and complicated and is still ongoing. His needs are very complex and span across multiple specialties. Moving to a rural community with limited specialty care was a concern, but living in an amazing small community has been worth it. Dr. DiCross has made managing his care so much easier. Her ability to listen and work with us within his complex emotional and physical needs is truly amazing. She has the most gentle spirit and her love of kids is openly visible in everything she does. The care he receives from Dr. DiCross rivals anything we’ve experienced with top specialists in huge metropolitan areas. She hears my mom heart and respectfully addresses his needs and my concerns as if he were her own child. Levi works with multiple specialists in Montana and will soon be traveling to Denver for a higher level of specialty care. It’s a relief to know he has a primary care pediatrician that stays on top of his complex care and is there for us right in our small community when we need her. Livingston is blessed to have Dr. DiCross!!!

/ Livingston, MT
Great team!

I am grateful to Dr. Roberts and nurse Kathy. I couldn't have asked for a better team to handle my procedure. Though I was nervous, they made me feel welcome, relaxed, and engaged me in conversation while joking around. They put my mind at ease and answered my questions and concerns. The procedure went smoothly and I am feeling better. Thank you for providing such excellent service!

/ Livingston, MT
Excellent ED staff

I was a patient in the Emergency Dept. on Saturday, Feb. 17,2018. I was involved in a minor car accident in which the airbag broke my nose. I am a physician and would not have come to the ED except that my son and wife insisted. The lady at the front desk, the ED nurses and the lady physician were a true example of caring, professional people. In the end, maybe all I really wanted was some sympathy. I got plenty of sympathy and kindness. The nurses cleaned me up and the doctor evaluated my situation. Unfortunately, there is very little to be done for a broken nose. But everyone made me feel appreciated and cared for in a kind matter. I hope to come back someday and see the art work that everyone raves about at your facility. Again, much thanks to your very kind and professional ED staff.

/ Fort Worth, TX
. . . a great community service.

Thanks to Jessica and rest of Livingston Health care for hosting a fun day for Big Brother/Big Sisters. We hiked, laughed, learned about mindful walking from Abbey of Aspen, and ate a great meal there. That was a great community service.

/ Livingston, MT
Five Stars

I walked into the ER thinking I was having a heart attack. Everyone was so nice and very efficient! Thank you so very much for everyone's GREAT service!!!

/ Gardiner, MT
The best hospital in our country

This hospital is the best in our country. The care is outstanding. The doctors, staff, nurses and techs actually do care about you—from the wonderful and kind CEO all the way down. And the gourmet food is amazing. Love going here. Will not leave this facility.

/ White Sulphur Springs, MT
The care she received was superb and eased our anxiety.

My 3-year-old daughter recently had an appendectomy at Livingston HealthCare. It was a very stressful and scary experience for her dad and me, but the care she received at LHC was superb and eased our anxiety. We are so grateful to all of those who cared for our daughter and us, and appreciate the careful time they took while looking after her. Great job, LHC!

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