Family Birth Center


Every mother is unique—and so is every delivery. While our job is to ensure you have a healthy delivery, we want to do it your way. We'll give you choices and let you create the birth experience you want, like who you want to be there, how you want to manage your pain, and whether your baby stays with you or in the nursery. We'll support you with one-on-one nursing care and a skilled and experienced staff. We want you to be comfortable and confident—in the quality of care and in the quality of your experience—for this very special event in your life.

To help you make the right choices and prepare for your pregnancy and birthing experience, we offer a prenatal education series and a prenatal education packet.

Expecting mothers and their support team are also welcome to tour the Family Birth Center. Ask questions about our delivery and postpartum rooms and meet nursing staff who will be there for you on delivery day. To schedule a tour, please cal 406.823.6433.

In addition, all of the nurses who work in the Family Birth Center are Certified Lactation Counselors. This means that someone is there 24/7 for either a phone consultation or to set up a one-to-one breastfeeding assessment. For more information on breastfeeding or to schedule a consultation please call 823-6433.

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If you have any other questions, talk to your doctor or call 406-222-0800.