Livingston HealthCare Investing in Strategic Property

Livingston HealthCare (LHC) is announcing today that it has been working with the Ted and Georgeann Watson family to acquire 100 acres of undeveloped land adjacent to LHC’s campus.

The Watsons are using a charitable giving tool that lowers the asking price of the property in a way that makes the acquisition feasible for the hospital. The Watson family has a history of donating portions of their ranch. They donated land to the city of Livingston for riverfront trails, as well as the 20 acres that Livingston HealthCare’s hospital and clinic currently occupy.

The Watson family has a long history of ranching on the land, dating back to the mid-1950s when Georgeann Watson’s parents bought the ranch. “Given our close proximity to the community of Livingston, we’ve always strived to be good neighbors while envisioning ways the land could benefit our town as it grows. We are proud of how the development of the hospital set the stage for what can happen on this adjacent acreage,” said Ted Watson.

“Acquiring this land is a strategic investment in our community,” said Deb Anczak, CEO of LHC. “We will work with the community to gather ideas about the best way to help develop this entry corridor.”

Using community input, LHC plans to create a development plan that will help meet the desires of the community. Future development could include affordable housing and businesses that complement the existing health care campus.

“Once we have created a thoughtful master plan with community input, we will seek developers interested in working on a carefully planned mixed-use neighborhood. Ultimately, our investment will be returned when land is sold, and Livingston will have a development that community members can be proud of,” Anczak said. “We are so grateful to the Watson family for their continued relationship with us which, in this case, gives us this strategic opportunity to be involved in the planning for Livingston’s growth and development.”

“In today’s real estate environment, well-planned developments that address the needs of a community are thriving,” said LHC Foundation Board member, Pat Gilligan, who is a retired commercial real estate owner and investor. “Having our community hospital step forward to invest in our future shows their commitment to a healthy community for everyone they serve. This is a win-win opportunity.”

Whitney Harris, Marketing and Communications Manager 406.823.6261