Current Philanthropic Opportunities

The Livingston HealthCare Foundation is currently working to raise much-needed funds for projects specifically directed towards the health and wellness needs of our community.

COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund

The Emergency Response Fund was established to support Livingston HealthCare’s immediate response to devastating events like the fast-moving global spread of COVID-19, the novel coronavirus.

Livingston HealthCare’s Incident Command System (ICS) team is continuing to monitor the disease spread and the changing guidelines while directing the hospital’s ongoing response to this evolving global health crisis.

Your gift will be used to address the needs of patients and caregivers impacted by COVID-19, and to support emerging areas of greatest need, such as:

- Expanding diagnostic and testing capacity.

- Securing our ability to cover extended staff time and benefits for health care providers working directly on the crisis.

- Addressing expenses of exposed patients who are not covered by insurance.

- Ensuring comprehensive treatment for patients and equipment for health care workers.

Capital Equipment

Each year, LHC is able to replace a certain amount of aging equipment with the latest, most advanced models. Gifts toward Capital Equipment allow LHC to acquire additional life-saving equipment even sooner. The Foundation is currently seeking funds for:

Hospital 'Safe' Room Conversion on Medical Floor............$ 15,000
Accuvein Infrared Light Vein Finder............$ 5,825
Bladder Scanner 3D............$ 14,900

Treadmill............ $ 7,095
Electric Data Integration with EMR System............ $ 52,116

Midmark 626 Barrier-free Women's Exam Chairs (2)............$ 16,174

Spacelabs QUBE Mini Cardiac Monitors (2)............$ 23,644

Bassinettes (3)............$ 11,489
Bilirubin Meter............$ 5,274

MRI Ferromagnetic Detection Screener............$ 12,995
Surgical C-ARM............$ 113,034

OmniCell G5 Automated Medication-dispensing Console Upgrade (3)............$ 34,999
Sterilguard Biosafety IV Compounding Cabinet............$ 17,500

Day Surgery Cardiac Monitors (4)............$ 100,000

Clinical Excellence & Innovation

Gifts to Clinical Excellence & Innovation ensure that Livingston HealthCare can fulfill its mission of providing excellence in patient-centered care and has the resources needed for keeping up with important advances in medical science and technology. These gifts support the area of greatest need at our health care system.

Family Birth Center Equipment

As our community grows, the Shane G. Lalani Family Birth Center is busier than ever and we need to convert the triage room into a fully operational delivery room. The staff has identified several equipment needs to enhance the patient experience and quality of care and we are asking for your help.

Your donation will help us purchase much needed equipment, such as:

Halo Bassinests - three at $3,850 each

Doppler Fetal Monitor - $990

Panda Radiant Warmer - $20,100

Bilirubin Meter - $5,250

Postpartum Hemorrhage Scale - $585

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation - two at $350 each

Delivery Room Table - $635

Spectralink Mobile Phone - $740

Endowment Fund

Your gift commitments of today will shape the rural health care of tomorrow and impact generations to come in Park County.

Last year, with the help of Betty and Whitney MacMillan, who so generously committed a significant lead gift and for whom we dedicated this year’s Erdman-Freeman Leadership in Philanthropy Award, the Livingston HealthCare Foundation established an Endowment. The security of an endowment will help to perpetuate the hospital’s high-quality service and dedication for future generations of our community.

An endowment gift to Livingston HealthCare Foundation today provides a brighter picture for our future. When you support an endowment, you give a gift with both immediate and long-term benefits. Endowment donations are invested and a portion of the annual income from the investments can be used to address immediate needs of the organization.

Your gift to Livingston HealthCare Foundation’s Endowment Fund will solidify the longevity of our organization, and with that, the health care services that are so critical to our community.