About Us

Livingston HealthCare’s History & Mission

Since 1955, Livingston HealthCare has provided premier quality health care to the residents of Park County and surrounding communities. We keep our community healthy with a broad scope of services, provided by well-trained and highly skilled professionals. Included in those services are a 25-bed critical access hospital, a multispecialty physician practice, rehabilitation services and home-based services. A not-for-profit organization, Livingston HealthCare is governed by a board of directors populated by community volunteers.

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Our Mission

The official mission of Livingston HealthCare is excellence in patient-centered care. We have been, and continue to be, successful in that endeavor because of our employees. Each of our employees is committed to maintaining and upholding our Standards of Excellence in the performance of their job duties and responsibilities.

LHC’s Standards of Excellence guide each and every employee, including leadership, medical staff, and managers, in achieving and sustaining the goals defined by our mission, vision, and values.


Our vision is to be the best Critical Access Hospital in the nation by providing the highest quality care to all whom we serve.


Excellence. We are committed to the highest standards of patient care.

Service. We anticipate the needs of our patients, visitors and team members and exceed their expectations.

Teamwork. The contributions of each team member are important and valued.

Compassion. We serve our patients, their families, and each other with warmth and empathy.

Ownership. We accept responsibility for efficient use of our resources for the community’s benefit.

Standards of Excellence

As a patient at Livingston HealthCare you can expect that every employee involved in your care is committed to upholding the following Standards of Excellence.

LHC employees accept ownership of the organization’s success:

  • While different points of view are always of great value, I support LHC, its leaders, the employees and the organizational goals.
  • I use LHC resources wisely (time, personnel, equipment).
  • I respect cultural, religious, and social diversity.
  • I look professional, adhere to the LHC Professional Appearance Policy and wear my name badge at all times.
  • I follow LHC policies and procedures.
  • I properly use the LHC chain of command.
  • I take the initiative in maintaining the cleanliness and safety of LHC property.

LHC employees pursue excellent job performance:

  • I am kind and courteous to all patients, customers and co-workers.
  • I bring enthusiasm to the work that I do.
  • I go out of my way to help patients, customers and co-workers regardless if it’s my job or not.
  • I model integrity by being honest and trustworthy in my work.
  • I take responsibility for my work and follow through with all tasks.
  • I am committed to understanding and applying best practices.
  • I am committed to everyone’s safety (my own, my patients, and my co-workers).
  • I hold in confidence all private information and interactions.
  • I am committed to enhancing my knowledge and sharing it with others.
  • I ask for help if a concern is beyond my knowledge, ability or scope of authority.

LHC employees seek to exceed our customers’ expectations:

  • In every interaction, I appropriately acknowledge the customer, introduce myself, provide explanations, set expectations, and thank them.
  • I act with compassion, kindness, empathy, and patience.
  • I take the initiative and work to make sure all problems or concerns have been resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
  • I take actions to make everyone around me have a positive experience.

Effective communication is a priority to all LHC Employees:

  • I have a positive attitude.
  • I smile, make eye contact, greet others, and speak in ways that are easily understood.
  • I listen openly and acknowledge other’s interests, ideas, and concerns.
  • I clearly communicate my needs and expectations.
  • I solve problems by focusing on the process, not the individual.
  • I communicate with others in an open, appropriate and timely manner.
  • I remember that most of my messages are communicated non-verbally; by voice tone and body language.

Providing quality patient care is the first priority for all LHC employees:

  • I respect each patient and their confidentiality.
  • I provide quality and compassionate care to each and every patient.
  • I prioritize my work around patients.
  • I will be an advocate for my patients.
  • I will take the initiative in patient health.
  • I am committed to understanding my patients’ needs and I will involve them in their plan of care.

Each employee is a valuable member of the LHC Team:

  • I acknowledge my co-workers with a positive attitude, smile and treat them with respect.
  • I accept responsibility and accountability for my own actions.
  • I am on time for work, meetings, or other LHC commitments.
  • I value the contributions of all members of the team regardless of job, role, or title.
  • I model and encourage positive behaviors.
  • I lend a helping hand when something is needed.
  • I build confidence by praising my co-workers.
  • I work together with my colleagues to achieve our common goals.

If you are interested in contributing to Livingston HealthCare’s growth, visit our careers page for new opportunities, or our foundation page for donation information.