Features of New Facility

Patient Rooms

All 25 patient rooms are private with a private bathroom and are almost twice the size of our previous semi-private rooms. Each room has a sleeper-sofa to accommodate a 24-hour family and friend visitation policy, a patient lift system to help patients move safely in and out of bed, and a dual-access stocking station that allows the room to be stocked with supplies from the hallway without unnecessarily disturbing the patient.

Nurses’ Stations

The nurses’ station is located on the med/surg floor and gives nurses and physicians convenient double-sided access to both hallways of inpatient rooms.

Women's Center

Women receive private and personalized care in the new 1,590 square foot Women's Center. The Women's Center features private changing areas with direct access to mammography, ultrasound suites, DXA scan (bone density testing), consultation rooms, and other services to meet women's health needs.

Emergency Department

The new 7,565 square-foot Emergency Department has more treatment areas and two state-of-the-art trauma rooms. The Emergency Department has many new and improved features including an enclosed ambulance garage to give patients protection from weather and privacy, a safe room to safely and privately treat patients with behavioral health needs, and a built-in decontamination area. The Emergency Department has been designed for easy expansion if needed in the future.


The Surgery Department performs a full range of general surgery procedures, orthopedic surgeries, gynecological and obstetric surgeries, colonoscopies, and upper endoscopies. The new facility has two state-of-the-art operating rooms. There is also a third room designed and equipped for endoscopy procedures. The new facility has ten pre- and post-operative beds, most in private bays to ensure the highest level of comfort and privacy for patients and their family.

Birthing Suites

Helping new babies come into this world is one of our favorite things at Livingston HealthCare. Families travel from all over to receive the personalized and one-on-one care our Mother and Newborn Services Staff provide. In the new facility we have advanced Birthing Suites that match our care. Our new, larger birthing suites are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and a private bath with a soaking tub.

Rehabilitation Services

Our new outpatient rehabilitation area has an open floor plan with private procedure rooms to accommodate cardiac rehabilitation, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech/language therapy, and pediatric therapy services.

Clinic Exam Rooms

The multi-specialty provider clinic has 34 exams rooms - a 20% increase in capacity from our previous facilities. The clinic was designed with onsite x-ray, procedure rooms, and phlebotomists who will come to a patient's exam room to provide a comfortable and convenient care experience.

Infusion Therapy

Providing quality cancer care in our community has always been a priority at Livingston HealthCare. Our new and improved infusion therapy area features a long picture window, comfortable reclining chairs, private and open treatment room options, and all the amenities needed to provide chemotherapy in a serene and supportive environment.

Negative Air Pressure Isolation Room

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has been a concern for people in the healthcare industry for many years. In recent years, the concern over airborne infections spreading in hospital environments has increased. The new facility features a Negative Air Pressure Isolation Room to protect patients and staff from harmful airborne pathogens. The isolation room is equipped with the latest air purification and ventilation systems and is connected to an anteroom to allow for appropriate use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Green Design Features

One of the most energy efficient and cost saving green design features of the new facility is the geothermal ground source cooling system. The system runs the naturally cold ground water through coils to cool the air. The cost of this geothermal cooling system will pay for itself with just one year of savings. We will be applying for ENERGY STAR certification soon.