Information About Breast Cancer

Please review and/or download this resource from the National Breast Cancer Foundation, " What Every Woman Needs to Know."

Donate to our Breast Cancer Fund

When you donate here, you are helping another woman in Park, Sweet Grass or Meagher County receive their Free Mammogram in an effort to detect, prevent, or fight Breast Cancer.

Breast Cancer Services at LHC

Breast Cancer Support

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death in women, and breast cancer screenings are widely used for early detection. Effective treatment depends on timely and accurate detection.

3D Tomosynthesis is a new, cutting-edge technology that improves detection rates from 2D mammogram by more than 50 percent and makes it possible to give patients faster and more individualized treatment locally.

Funding this project will assure that the most highly-developed diagnostic technology available anywhere in the world will be on hand close to home and accessible to all.

Free Mammo Program

Livingston HealthCare is committed to providing the latest imaging technology and free mammograms to those in financial need so that access and early detection can save women's lives here in Park County. Since many insurers will not cover the total cost of the 3D for those 64 or younger, requiring a $30-75 insurance copay to have 3D rather than 2D images, Livingston HealthCare Foundation is committed to providing access to quality healthcare for our community regardless of income and we have a special fund for uninsured and underinsured women 64- and-under which covers the cost of screening and diagnostic mammograms for those who cannot afford them.

If you are interested in acquiring our financial support for your Mammogram and if you are younger than 64-years of age, download LHCF Mammogram Enrollment/Eligibility Application here and send it to us for review! If you are 65 or older, Medicaid provides coverage for annual mammograms.